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Emergency call to hemp fiber farmers for samples

We believe we have a winning design to produce ribbon hemp & call upon the iHemp community at large in an attempt to obtain green stalks of monoecious or other dual-purpose variety to sample in our ribbon decorticator.  The stalks should be dry but not retted & sown between 30-40 seeds per square foot. Ideally,

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RD2.0 Feed system update

A simple yet elegant design is all that was required to allow multiple rows of stalks to be fed into the RD2.0. Simulating what would happen if a mobile unit cross-cutted the rows, we were able to figure out the row spacing to allow for timing of the ribbon decorticating process to reset. By utilizing

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RD 2.0 project update

After a series of settbacks due to COVID supply chain issues, we were finally able to begin testing in earnest. Unfortunately, with all new technologies there were bugs to work out.  It wasn’t until Christmas that all the bugs were ironed out & a series of successful tests were recorded using a limited amount of

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Loss of fiber crop due to over-retting

After all the issues that we had to overcome, we overlooked the fact that the cut tops would allow rain to enter the stalk more readily than if theplant was still entact. This oversight resulted in the loss of most of the acre that we had anticipated would see us through testing of the RD2.0

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Double-cut harvestor update

With the limited success with last year’s double-cut project, updates to the harvestor have been undertaken to allow cut tops to be conveyed away from the lower stalks. Relocating the sickle motor away from the discharge area while making it more efficient with a direct-drive was also implemented.  With harvest came a dissapointing result as

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COVID deals blow to development plans

With a influenza pandemic spreading across the world, we believe now more than ever that society has to become more self-sufficient & expand its material offerings. Once this pandemic has been contained, it is our hope that iHemp will be able to assist in the economic recovery by expanding product offerings using this amazing plant!