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Test successful of rapid feed system concept

After testing nearly a dozen different ways to feed the RD, a breakthrough was made. After much tweaking & learning, the system was validated with exclusive video produced that will be distributed to accredited individuals & stakeholders. “It has been an amazing journey. I couldn’t have done it without a devout faith in the power

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NRC Project Draws to a Close Without Private Support

A final meeting with members of the NRC/IRAP was bittersweet in that a new method of feeding the system was proposed that solved the major problems discovered by the NRC sponsored feed system (which turned out to be a dead-end). Considering our options; Give up or pursue a viable concept to feed the decorticator by

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Canfiber Inc. has developed a patent pending core decorticator that produces clean, hurd free ribbon fiber! ‘Applying the technology to the field has been the biggest challenge of my life’ says P.Harrap, President of Canfiber. ‘Once I realized I couldn’t on my own, key people entered the mix after steadfast prayer.’ Parts for the prototype

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