Canfiber’s technology answers the need to clear fields of leftover hemp stalks post seed harvest while unlocking the true value of hemp- It’s high quality fiber. The best part of our technology is it doesn’t require a block of motors to operate, thus saving on energy inputs while also allowing it to be portable, & capable of 1.5 ton per hour fiber recovery. Unlike traditional decorticators that smash the hurd into the fiber, then more motors beat the latent hurds from the bast (reports of up to 4 passes are needed to achieve a high quality fiber). Our technology produces hurd-free fiber quickly & with little dust & does not have a large parts list to assemble.

With new technology comes new methods of production. This is where Canfiber needs work with (ideally an established seed hemp farmer) as it concludes its development phase & is now set to deploy its pilot-ready prototype to test.

Being a weed, the seed only requires 2 weeks of moisture to germinate & become established (useful in drought prone areas where land is cheap) until harvest time.  Canfiber is open to licensing at this time, or receiving funding to execute its plan to become a producer & distributor of raw ribbon fiber & chipped hurd. This would be accomplished by contracting to hemp farmers in exchange for clearing their field & leaving windrows of seed to collect, with an incentive to grow our preferred variety to keep the fiber consistent.

Producers are already harvesting industrial hemp for its seed, with the vast majority of remaining stalks burnt in the field for lack of processing equipment. In 2016, nearly 100,000 acres of hemp were grown in Canada alone!

Canfiber has filed a Canadian patent application on its proprietary RD technology but has chosen to sit on the final submission, seeking rather to exploit its IP to the fullest by treating the technology as ‘blackbox’ & exploiting it to gain a distinct market advantage over potential competitors. Canfiber’s short-term plan is to then patent in targeted geography markets like Australia.

 Within 3 years the plan is to seek inclusion onto an exchange with an IPO to expand the technology globally, at which point the founder & main shareholder would exit.

We are looking for visionary established seed & CBD growers who want to see our game-changing pilot-ready prototype operating on their hemp field for the 2018-19 season! Only dual-purpose varieties are eligible. For a copy of our business plan, please email us with your intent and a brief bio to;