Hemp Traders answers call with stalk samples of its historic hemp fiber crop

Thanks to the platform LinkedIn, Patrick Flaherty & a bit of luck I received a box full of fiber stalks that we were able to dial in the recent RD3.0 benchmodel geometry. 

Having previously provided samples of the ribbon from our RD2.0 to PF Designs, he was invited to be a technical advisor for Hemp Traders first US grown fiber hemp trial crop. HT has been in the business of distributing hemp for 28 years & is looking to take advantage of the 2018 US hemp farm bill & bring hemp back to to prominence in the USA. Paying to ship a box full of stalks, each cut into 3 sections as they were so tall, we experimented with putting them through. After a number of adjustments, the bench model evolved to a point that it was able to peel the entire length of 1″dia stalks down to 1/2″diameter which was a major milestone in development. 

With the latest CAD design now proven by the bench model, the next step is to see if we can produce the same length of ribbon on fresh-cut stalks.