Momentum is building with US patent now filed for RD-NGT (next generation technology)

With every new technology, there are growing pains. Luckily, the brunt of them were absorbed by only 1 employee. After over 10 years of development & failure, we finally cracked the code on peeling stalks of different sizes & lengths while demonstrating a scalable way to feed the machine. US Patent Application No. 17/511566   Filed: 2021-10-27 Titled: BAST RIBBON PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DECORTICATION. Once approved, will allow Canfiber to finally SHOW what we have learned in ribbon decortication.  When I say ‘we’, I’m talking about friends & colleagues, partners & contractors that saw what I was trying to accomplish, & selflessly gave a portion of their time to further development to what it has become today.

Once people can see for themselves how out-of-the-box engineering & ability to learn from failure can turn into a simple, yet highly effective way to process mass quantities of hemp for seed, fiber & hurd, they will begin to get behind the technology.