NRC Project Draws to a Close Without Private Support

A final meeting with members of the NRC/IRAP was bittersweet in that a new method of feeding the system was proposed that solved the major problems discovered by the NRC sponsored feed system (which turned out to be a dead-end). Considering our options; Give up or pursue a viable concept to feed the decorticator by feeding it the same way as a nailgun is fed nails, it was decided to press on. Unbeknownst to us, the key to feeding the decorticator was from the bottom up, not top down which was the previous method. After a week of solid work to reconfigure the 400+Lb decorticator drums, the new configuration was ready to test. Initial tests proved that if the stalks were conveyed between the drums, the fiber was peeled off the entire length of 14% moisture stalks! Encouraged by the results, a favor was called in with a local cucumber farmer who graciously donated some belt conveyors. Armed with determination & the generosity of others, the new feed system has begun which has since began to draw the interest of other would-be-inventors.  Things are starting to get very interesting.