Producing hurd-free hemp ribbon in batches manually passes updated concept test

After presenting another method to peel to Canfiber’s engineer, demonstrated by building a simple model (adapted to fit off the RD3.0 prototype’s infeed section), an updated model was designed. Now tested & proving a couple key questions like; Will the optimized geometry work? &, most importantly; How hard would it be to manually process 20 stalks at once using a simple hand-crank?  

Learning those critical questions, the computer model will be refined based on the data obtained by the recent tests. With the recent proof of concept, the model will be removed to make way for the NGT2, which is going to rock the world with its novel ability to peel a row of different length/diameter stalks & turn them into lengths of ribbon, while the inner woody hurd is shot out the opposite side- all inside 1/2 a second.