Ribbon Decortication

Hemp fiber is a legendary plant fiber that has been with humanity for thousands of years and has played a significant role in moving civilization forward. Today’s hemp fiber industry is still a fringe industry due to all of them using a form of machinery developed in the 1930’s that does not efficiently produce the quality of fiber acceptable to modern composite & textile industries. Not being one to shy away from a challenge the founder, Patrick Harrap began to experiment with a new, untried method of extracting the outer fiber. In 2012, ribbon decortication was coined. Seeing a maturing hemp grain market, the design was tailored to utilize post-seed hemp and it was discovered that strains like Canda, Joey & Anka worked very well. Over the following years, the design has evolved into a complete harvesting & processing system. 

Canfiber has been working with a local hemp grower to fulfill its vision of providing high-quality technical fiber & unlock the true potential of this amazing plant. No other plant can boast providing FOUR potential commodities off ONE CROP, namely; 1) SEED, 2) Low-grade CBD oil from the chaff, 3) Quality degummed FIBER & 4) Cellulose rich HURD.

Today, Canfiber has patented its unique & operationally tested prototype design, but is not finished. It’s goal is to take its peeling system & apply it to its harvesting development to allow clearing & pre-processing of the seed tops & stalks earlier in the harvest season. This will also produce a higher seed yield (based on 2003 research paper), more consistent fiber quality, & avoid late harvesting & unpredictable field retting!

Check out our first white paper on this important topic; Ribbon Decortication paper


Canfiber’s RD technology exploits the high tensile strength of the outer fiber, allowing for a low energy footprint to operate the system. The machine does not have many parts & is therefore less expensive to build & maintain. Its stationary version is designed to house the RD & double-cut inside the same standard containerized trailer. When gross sales are factored into the equation, the ROI is staggering;

  • Highly nutritious seed ($0.65-0.95 per lb; average 800-1200lb per acre) !
  • CBD oil obtained from mulch (residue from seed harvesting) Value not available at time of publishing. 
  • Chipped hurd ($0.10-0.25 per lb; average 6400lb per acre) !
  • High quality, hurd free fiber ($2.25-$5 per lb; average 2400lb per acre) !

Designing a piece of equipment that can handle the shear volume of stalks was no easy task & required the coming together of very bright individuals to help see this through. Thank you all for your contributions in helping RD technology help humanity continue to thrive in the 21st century & beyond!