United Nations hold historic workshop on developing industrial hemp as raw commodities


Canfiber was proud & honored to be present & interact with hemp stakeholders around the world on Jan 18, held in Geneva Switzerland. Much of the conference was centered along the steps to take for countries to adopt wide-spread growing & processing this fascinating plant without stigma. The session also talked about the market potential of industrial hemp and new opportunities for growers brought by recent regulatory developments in several countries. The consensus of the crowd was overwhelming in that widespread hemp growth & processing should & will happen.

Put together through UNCTAD, it is the commodities development branch within the UN & is not necessarily a well-known agency, but plays an incredibly critical role to what all human beings require to live happily; Buildings, Food, Fashion & Transportation.

Fast fact– UNCTAD is actually part of the UN Secretariat, and stands for UN Conference on Trade and Development. What they do is essentially deal with trade and development-related issues. 

Not so fast fact– I had a chance to tell the attendees that Canfiber is seeking to build a simple hand-operated ribbon decorticator based off its 10 years of experience, with the goal of crowd funding the working model for under $4000CAD. This information was well received & a number of email contacts in Africa & Costa Rica were provided.