US patent conflict with two similar but different method patents after reply from patent office

It wasn’t expected, but there existing in the world two other methods to produce ribbon according to a rely from the US patent office 18 months after filing.

What the patent clerk overlooked though was our method is significantly different than the other inventors. It has taken Alot of time by our gifted engineer, but he has proven that a key component of the peeling action is unique to the others & therefore a candidate for granting of the patent. Our patent lawyer agrees, so we are confident it will receive acceptance. Hopefully, it wont cost the clerk his job for misunderstanding how the other patents were assembled.

Worth noting, due to the multitude of patents that utilize a number of infeed rollers that pull material over a splitting wedge, we were unable to claim that- But that’s ok because its public domain now. What happens after that though is going to knock the socks off of engineers around the world, on the fact of how simple it is to operate. Hint- think printing press for the manual version.