A problem with processing dual fiber and seed hemp crops is that about 20% of the stalks in the field are male, which begin to die off as soon as they have pollinated their female counterpart. This introduces inconsistent fiber quality if the male stalks are left on the field by the time seeds are fully mature. The solution is to harvest earlier, when the seeds are closer to 70% mature & the male plants are still growing. 

The video below is courtesy of Valerio Zucchini of Italy. Canfiber has recently purchased this equipment, as it provides us with the cut stems our technology requires. 


A few days later, when the tops moisture drops to about 30-40% a traditional combine with its header bar replaced with a funnel collects the windrowed tops & recovers the seed. 

Below is a picture of the ribbon an earlier RD prototype produced, grouped & tagged as we collect data on ideal varieties (taken 2018)