A problem with processing dual fiber and seed hemp crops is that about 20% of the stalks in the field are male, which begin to die off as soon as they have pollinated their female counterpart. This introduces inconsistent fiber quality if the male stalks are left on the field by the time seeds are fully mature. The solution is to harvest earlier, when the seeds are closer to 70% mature & the male plants are still growing. 

Having a mobile machine that could potentially be automated, it would cut off the seed-laden tops off at approx. 4 feet before a lower paddle wheel received the cut stems & pushed them onto a ground level (4-6″ off ground) sickle bar where they are cut off & pushed onto a timed elevator that lifts the stems into the ribbon decorticator. From there, the hurd is thrown through an onboard chipper while the peeled bast is blown into an onboard round baler.   

A few days later, when the tops moisture drops to about 30-40% a traditional combine with its header bar replaced with a funnel collects the windrowed tops & recovers the seed. The chaff is of a higher grade due it having less stalk which can be recovered as well to produce a low-grade CBD oil for example.