Canfiber is dedicated to bringing cost-effective & high-quality processing technology to the world, and in doing so, drastically reduce the raw inputs needed to create everyday products. As we all now know, current products are made using toxic petro-chemicals. This wasn’t always the case. Prior to the assault on hemp by petroleum in the late 1930’s, hemp was utilized in everything, from plastics to paint. Our goal is not to expose fossil fuels for the Death-cult they are now, rather take a common-sense approach to producing sustainable commodities- Namely technical-grade fiber & cellulose-rich hurd at a cost that is competitive with petro-chemically based feedstocks. Let the public decide what they would rather buy.

Canfiber is actively looking to partner with established hemp seed processors that see the potential ROI from their leftover stalk to add value to their bottom-line. Pressing the seed for biodiesel (certified by Duramax to not void engine warranty) becomes possible; When you factor in the added value from the fiber & hurd. Imagine the possibility of becoming a refiner of bio-diesel with a carbon zero footprint!

Our pilot-ready prototype is ready for the 2017, support Canfiber in its goal by sharing your positive thoughts :). High-quaity hemp fiber ribbon, free of its hurd is now within reach.