A decoriticator (from Latin: cortex, bark) is a machine for stripping the skin or bark off plant stalks in preparation for further processing

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The separated bast fiber can be degummed and cottonized for use in textiles and other applications.

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Base and Hurd can be used in a wide range of applications such as composites, insulations, fuel and textiles.

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Canfiber denied Kickstarter project to fund pilot

The original project had the word hemp in it, but after being denied by Kickstarter all references to hemp were removed & the project re-submitted. Unfortunately they are sticking to their guns. Preview project here; 

Cannabis Act comes into force Oct.17 2018

Health Canada- ‘We are pleased to inform you that regulations supporting the Cannabis Act have now been approved and will come into force on the same day as the Cannabis Act. When the Cannabis Act and its regulations come into force, cannabis will be removed from Schedule II of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).

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Test successful of rapid feed system concept

After testing nearly a dozen different ways to feed the RD, a breakthrough was made. After much tweaking & learning, the system was validated with exclusive video produced that will be distributed to accredited individuals & stakeholders. “It has been an amazing journey. I couldn’t have done it without a devout faith in the power

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NRC Project Draws to a Close Without Private Support

A final meeting with members of the NRC/IRAP was bittersweet in that a new method of feeding the system was proposed that solved the major problems discovered by the NRC sponsored feed system (which turned out to be a dead-end). Considering our options; Give up or pursue a viable concept to feed the decorticator by

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