Local horse farmer agrees to grow dual purpose crop to validate single pass harvesting & HC3/PNGT prototypes.

It had been a tumultuous time to locate land to grow the 50lb bag of Anka from our friends at Uniseeds. Never planted in 2022, through a series of local contacts a spot was secured within 10 minutes from Canfiber’s base of operations in March. By late April, family members convinced her that it was a bad fit, so she (bless your heart Naty) found us Paul- who was only 5 minutes away from Canfiber! The only setback was Naty owns an organic farm & Paul owns a horse farm, which means the hemp will need to fight off weeds at an unprecedented rate (horse manure is full of grass & weed seed). 

Nothing in this world is free, so a deal was struck to exchange a used 30kw 3 phase natural gas generator (to serve as a backup power for their new well) in exchange for them to clear the land, provide chicken manure & use of their 80HP tractor to test out our harvesting tech, originally tested (& proven) by Valerio Zucchini in Italy a couple years before.

A target date of May 5 to have the land cleared & manure turned into the approx. 1 acre. Mother’s day (May 14) was the day the seed was planted, followed by 2 days of nightly watering as we had entered an unnatural dry spell that would last almost a month before precipitation would fall again.