Canfiber Inc. has developed a patent pending core decorticator that produces clean, hurd free ribbon fiber! ‘Applying the technology to the field has been the biggest challenge of my life’ says P.Harrap, President of Canfiber. ‘Once I realized I couldn’t on my own, key people entered the mix after steadfast prayer.’ Parts for the prototype are being cut this week with assembly of the M6AB commencing after in earnest.

A shout out to Absolute Power Ltd. who has been developing a 75Kwe gasifier to power a generator that works off chipped or pelleted hurd, all inside a 20′ container. Heat from the generator is planned to be recouped through exhaust & oil heat exchangers with the idea processing plants could be deployed wherever the hemp is decorticated with the next gen M6AB. Contact to learn more about hemp hurd gasification.