Local hemp farmer risks losing his house insurance if he grows a crop that has helped man for a millenia

In an Orwellian twist, insurance providers decide that hemp & marijuana are the same & will not provide fire insurance if they find one hemp seed on their property- unless they pay their marijuana growers premium. Unable to risk his families possessions, Canfiber has been left without a local grower to finally test out its latest 3D printed design which it believes will become a game-changing technology.

“It’s like they are squeezing out the little guy that can’t afford to offset the cost to their insurance by growing more acreage. I wish the government would step in & stand up to honest farmers trying to grow a crop that can’t get you stoned, no matter how much of it you smoked. Its absolutely ridiculous- Just turn on the nightly news to learn that the world needs to replace fossil fuels while absorbing & storing carbon. Hemp does that every 100 days.” JI from Agassiz.